For home

You can see the consumption

form your house

in any moment

If you want to understand, control and reduce your electric consumption we recommend you to you install Mirubee. Mirubee is an advanced meter that is installed in a simple way in the electrical panel of your house and measures your consumption in real time.

You can also see what is consumed in your home at any time, from your mobile, tablet or computer, you only need an internet connection. But the most important thing is that Mirubee will also tell you:

  • What power you should contract
  • If you should change your electricity tariff to hourly discrimination capability and how much you would save with it.

You can discover and buy the product, developed by a brilliant team of Spanish engineers, at

For home

Last but not least, if you are an ecovatios customer you will have a significant discount to buy Mirubee. If you cannot afford to install Mirubee or simply prefer not to do it, and you already have a remote-controlled meter* at your home we are committed to:

Carry out an energy saving study, so you can see if it suits you to switch to hourly discrimination and how much you would save, once you have been with us for a year and we know your consumption profile.

*You will know if you have a remote-controlled meter for what the distributor charges you per month. If it is 0,8€/month, your meter is a smart one!