You can save

up to 10-15%

of your annual consumption

If you manage an SME with tariff 3.0 we can install a consumption monitoring system with a very low cost. By monitoring your electric meter, we will be able to provide you with your online consumption. Only by accessing the information of your consumption, and acting on it, you can save up to 10-15% of your current consumption.

You will access in a secure platform, in which you will be able to know your consumption of the last days / weeks / months, and:

  • You will know if your current contracted power is adequate (and how much you will save by changing it to the appropriate one)
  • If it suits you to install a capacitor bank or not
  • You will discover if you have consumption that you did not know so, you can decrease or suppress it
  • If your company has several locations, you can compare your consumption to optimize them
  • You will receive periodic reports and alarms about undue consumption
  • You can connect to the platform from any device connected to the internet