Public institutions

You will be able to see the consumes you manage

to reduce them

to the maximum and save

With ecovatios, whether you manage the electricity supply of a town hall, a hospital or a school, you can not only access competitive prices for an essential supply such as electricity, but you can also track the consumption you manage each day, to reduce them as much as possible and show the savings achieved.

If the public institution you manage has set an environmental agenda -with a reduction in consumption among the objectives-, then, measuring and understanding the consumption of each building or infrastructure will help you in your goal of reducing them. And if you combine it with the 100% green energy that provides ecovatios, you will have a part of the way half done.

Public institutions

For premises with telemetry, you will access, in a secure way, to a platform for the points you manage, where you can find out your consumption of the last days / weeks / months, and:

  • You will know if your current contracted power in each point is the adequate one (and how much you will save by changing it to the suitable one)
  • If it suits you to install a capacitor bank in one of the supplies or not
  • You will discover if you have electric consumption that you did not know so, you will be able to decrease or suppress it
  • You can compare the consumptions of different sites to optimize them
  • You will receive periodic reports and alarms about undue consumption
  • And you can connect to the platform from any device connected to the internet